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legal beagle

An especially clever, aggressive, or skillful attorney. I might be considered something of a legal beagle now, but I had to work for years to get enough experience to build my reputation.
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and legal-eagle (ˈliglæˈbiglæ and ˈliglæˈiglæ)
n. a lawyer. I’ve got a legal-beagle who can get me out of this scrape.
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About a foot tall, with floppy ears and a sweet disposition, he's a member of the Beagle Brigade, a team of dogs and handlers charged with patrolling airports to protect the multibillion-dollar U.
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Beagle guided product development work on offset and flexo news inks at Flint Ink, and has been recognized for his work on flexo inks with R&D people within the newspaper business itself.
On EDI with many of its accounts, Beagle turns around products in four to six weeks.
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Launched in 2012, Beagle Street combines online expertise and a strong partnership with underwriters Scottish Friendly Assurance Society Limited With more than 150 years' experience, Scottish Friendly looks after over [pounds sterling]800 million assets (as at 31/12/11) for over a million existing policyholders.
AsKed what the beagle hunt meant, he said: "It's about being out together, watching a fine pound of beagles together and enjoying the camaraderie with friends.
The Beagle USB 5000 v2 analyzer exemplifies the advantages of Cypress s FX3 controller, said Mark Fu, Senior Marketing Director at Cypress Semiconductor.
Dogs that catch their prey are banned from competing, said Fernando Martins of the Palmer Beagle Club in Holland.
London, Dec 18 (ANI): An Australian team of hypersonics engineers has suggested that a flawed calculation probably resulted in Beagle 2 tumbling out of control as it descended in 2003.
Wyman and Edna Beagle of Springfield will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary at a later date.
HMS Beagle is probably the most important ship in the history of science, yet she's been missing for more than 150 years.
Taking one for the team, I went with the Bam-O-Gram while Beagle got the Skate And Destroy--his first tat ever.