be up to (one)

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be up to

1. To be scheming. I think those two are up to something—they've been acting squirrelly all morning.
2. To be able or willing to do something. She's still recovering from her surgery and isn't really up to having visitors.
See also: up

be up to (one)

1. To be something that one is responsible for or obligated to do. But mom, it's not up to you to discipline my children! We live in this community, so it's up to us to improve it.
2. To be one's choice or decision. It's up to you—what would you rather do this weekend?
See also: up

be up to somebody

1 be somebody’s right to decide: Shall we have an Indian or a Chinese meal? It’s up to you.The decision’s not up to me.
2 be somebody’s responsibility or duty: It’s up to us to help people in need.
See also: somebody, up