be too much

be too much (for one)

1. To be overwhelming or overpowering to one due to superiority in strength, numbers, etc. We played a good game, but their offense was just too much for us.
2. To be too difficult, arduous, or overwhelming for one; to be more than one can handle. Come on, you just had the flu—going back to work might be too much for you right now.
3. To be intolerable. In this usage, "be too much" is often a set phrase. Your boss's constant demands are just too much—you really need to resign.
See also: much

be too ˈmuch (for somebody)

1 be stronger or better than somebody; beat somebody: Cambridge were too much for Oxford in the boat race this year.
2 be more than somebody is able to do: A cycling holiday would be too much for an unfit person like me.
3 used for showing that somebody/something annoys you: His rudeness towards her is just too much.
See also: much