be caught/taken short

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be caught short

1. slang To be unprepared for a certain situation, often one involving money. I was caught short at the restaurant, so I had to borrow money from my mom.
2. slang To become pregnant when one is not married. I think that Heather has missed so much school because she's caught short.
3. slang To have an urgent need to use the toilet. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. I always use the toilet before a long drive, to avoid being caught short.
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be caught short

If you are caught short, you feel a sudden strong need to urinate, especially when you cannot easily find a toilet. He came out of the nearby bathroom; he had obviously been caught short yet again.
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be caught (or taken) short

1 be put at a disadvantage. 2 urgently need to urinate or defecate. British informal
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be caught/taken ˈshort

(British English, informal) suddenly need to go to the toilet in a place where it is difficult to find one
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