be spitting in(to) the wind

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be spitting in(to) the wind

To be doing something totally pointless, fruitless, or futile; to be wasting one's time doing something that will not or cannot come to pass. To be perfectly honest, when I vote, I feel like I'm spitting in the wind, so I usually don't bother. If you're trying to lose weight without changing your diet, you're spitting into the wind.
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be spitting in the wind

If someone is spitting in the wind, they are wasting their time by trying to do something which has little or no chance of success. As an approach to the problem, this is scarcely more than spitting in the wind.
See also: spit, wind
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spitting in (or into) the wind

a futile or pointless activity.
1996 Daily Telegraph Both the Church report and the atheist professor are spitting in the wind, of course, because the incoming tide of superstition has a long way to rise yet.
See also: spit, wind
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