be skating/walking on thin ice

be skating on thin ice

To be doing something very risky or dangerous that could result in imminent disaster or ruin. I hope you realize that you'll be skating on thin ice if you decide to gamble your employees' retirement funds on such a dodgy investment.
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be skating on thin ice

COMMON If someone is skating on thin ice, they are doing something which could have unpleasant consequences for them. He told me I was skating on thin ice and should change my attitude. Note: Verbs such as tread, walk or stand can be used instead of skate. Watch it Max, Christopher thought gleefully, you're treading on very thin ice. Note: You can also just say that someone is on thin ice. I could see I was on thin ice. His professional pride was injured.
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be skating/walking on ˌthin ˈice

be in a risky or dangerous situation: They were skating on very thin ice, publishing the election result before it had been confirmed.
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