be one up on (someone or something)

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be one up on (someone or something)

To have an advantage over someone or something. I think I'm one up on the other candidates for this position, thanks to my extensive student teaching experience.
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be one up on someone

If you are one up on someone, you have an advantage over them, often because you have done something which they have not done or because you know something that they do not know. She will see this as the opportunity to be one up on you. You may only have met him once, but you're one up on the person who hasn't met him at all. Note: If you get one up on someone, you get an advantage over them. In those days, travel was about getting one up on one's neighbours.
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be/get/have one ˈup on somebody

(informal) be in a better position than somebody; have an advantage over somebody: Why do you always have to be one up on everybody else? ▶ one-ˈupmanship noun (disapproving) the skill of getting an advantage over other people
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