be on/have a short fuse

be on a short fuse


have a short fuse

If someone is on a short fuse or has a short fuse, they lose their temper very easily. He warned Abbott that he was on a short fuse. He is irritable and has a short fuse, letting you know when he's not pleased. Note: See the explanation at light the fuse.
See also: fuse, on, short

be on/have a short ˈfuse

(informal) be likely to get angry easily, because you are tired, stressed, etc: Your father’s having trouble at work, so his temper’s on a short fuse today.Be careful what you say to the director. She has a very short fuse.
A fuse is a piece of string or paper which is lit to make a bomb explode.
See also: fuse, have, on, short

have a short fuse

tv. to be easy to anger. (Have got can replace have.) He’s got a short fuse, so watch out.
See also: fuse, have, short