be news to (one)

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be news to (one)

To be something that one was not aware of or did not know. A: "Yeah, Jeff and Anthony have been going out for a few months now." B: "Well, that's news to me. I thought they were just friends." You aren't allowed to dump your grass clippings here? Well, that's news to me!
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That's news to me.

I did not know that.; I had not been informed of that. Bill: They've blocked off Maple Street for some repairs. Tom: That's news to me. Sally: The telephones are out. None of them work. Bill: That's news to me.
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be news to someone

COMMON If someone says something and you say that it is news to you, you mean that you did not know about it before. So she's an experienced babysitter, is she? This is news to me. People have been telling me I've been in meetings about selling my business. All I can say is that it's news to me. Note: You usually use this expression to express surprise at what has been said, or to suggest that it may not be true.
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be news to

be information not previously known to (someone), and perhaps regarded as implausible. informal
2004 NZine – New Zealand Ezine This was the first we had heard about it, and indeed it was news to the local community and the Hurunui District Council.
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