be made up

be made ˈup (about/with something)

(British English, informal) be very pleased or satisfied (about/with something): I’m really made up with the new job. It’s the type of work I’ve always wanted.
See also: made, up
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Some teachers save one Saturday a month for make-ups, and all lessons for the month may be made up only on that day.
I further learned that students who didn't have their required clothes and who refused either to wear a jumpsuit for class or oblige to collect trash, received a "double-F," the equivalent of two fails of which one could be made up by running laps a subsequent class period.
A portable mini-meal for school may be made up of a handful of nuts, a bagel, and some fruit.
Another portable mini-meal may be made up of pieces of cheese, an apple or carrot sticks, and peanuts.
The milk shakes should be kept in the refrigerator at home-they should be made up the night or in the morning before school if time allows.