be/run low

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run low

To near the end of a supply of something. We're running low on paper towels right now, so use them judiciously.
See also: low, run

run low (on something)

to near the end of a supply of something. We are running low on salt. It's time to buy more. The car is running low on gas.
See also: low, run

be/run ˈlow (on something)

not have much of something left: We’re running low on fuel. Do you think we’ll have enough to get home?
See also: low, run
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Yet many researchers now agree that if any diet is going to help take and keep weight off, it's got to be low in fat.
AXIS' debt-to-adjusted capital will continue to be low at approximately 14%.
While 51% of the units are forecasted to be low end products in 2006, they account for only 29% of the $10 billion in display revenue for wireless handsets and palmtops.