be looking over (one's) shoulder

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be looking over (one's) shoulder

To be maintaining an anxious vigilance (perhaps to the point of paranoia) to monitor what others are doing or might do. With all these bright college grads coming into the company, you better be looking over your shoulder.
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be looking over your shoulder

If someone is looking over their shoulder, they feel anxious all the time because someone might hurt them or cause problems for them. When a company keeps making people redundant, those who are left behind start looking over their shoulder. You'd be on the run for the rest of your lives, looking over your shoulder at every turn.
See also: look, over, shoulder
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be looking over your ˈshoulder

be anxious and have the feeling that somebody is going to do something unpleasant or harmful to you: Many employees are looking over their shoulders, because jobs are at risk and nobody knows who’ll be next.
See also: look, over, shoulder
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"It's certainly not going to be easy but South North will be looking over their shoulders and thinking they could yet be caught," added Old.