be in the catbird seat

be (sitting) in the catbird seat

To be in a powerful position. The phrase likely refers to the catbird's preference for high tree branches (which keep predators at bay). As the CEO's assistant, you are definitely sitting in the catbird seat. I know you were hoping to be elected president over Joe, but, as vice president, you're in the catbird seat if he resigns.
See also: catbird, seat

be in the ˈcatbird seat

(American English) have an advantage over other people or be in control of a situation: After his recent success, the president is sitting in the catbird seat.With prices falling dramatically, buyers seem to be in the catbird seat.
See also: catbird, seat
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"Therapists used to be in the catbird seat, and now they're being eaten," adds Monroe.
When the market really opens up, these guys will be in the catbird seat."