be in/out of step

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be out of step

1. To lack understanding or information on a current topic or issue. Making a sexist statement like that just proves how much he is out of step with the views of modern society.
2. To disagree with or clash with those with whom one is supposed to work. The chairman is out of step with the rest of the committee—that's why they want to oust him. He'll never get the nomination because he's too out of step with the rest of his party.
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be in/out of ˈstep (with somebody/something)

1 putting your feet on the ground in the right/wrong way, according to the rhythm of the music or the people you are moving with: I found myself marching in step with the music.
2 having ideas that are the same as or different from other people’s: He’s completely out of step with other cancer specialists; his ideas about treatment are quite different.The government no longer seems to be in step with the attitudes of the people.
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