be in for something

be in for

1. To anticipate or be very likely to experience something, usually that which will be unpleasant or undesirable. They just called another general meeting with the staff. It looks like we're in for more bad news.
2. To be involved with or a part of something for a particular reason or purpose. More usually "be in it for." I'm not really that concerned with nonprofit work. I'm in for the boost it will give my career.
3. To be in prison or similarly detained for a particular reason. What are you in for? My brother is in for stealing a car.
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be ˈin for something

1 be about to get or experience something unpleasant, for example a shock, a surprise, trouble, bad weather, etc: He’ll be in for a big surprise when he opens that letter.I think we’re in for trouble with the new boss.
2 be taking part in something, for example, a competition; be trying to get something, for example, a job: I’m in for both the 100 metres race and the long jump.I hope Jan gets that professorship she’s in for.
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