be in bed with (someone)

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be in bed with (someone)

1. To be in a sexual relationship with another person, especially one that is unseemly or immoral. Did you hear that Todd is in bed with his secretary? How gauche. You're a professor—they'll fire you if they find out you're in bed with one of your students!
2. To be in a business relationship or financial arrangement with another person or group, especially one that is or seems illicit or illegal. I don't trust Albert because I heard he's in bed with the mob. The politician has been accused of being in bed with the oil industry. You know all the pharmaceutical companies are in bed with each other to fix prices.
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be in bed with somebody/something


get into bed with somebody/something

(disapproving) if two people or organizations are in bed with each other, they have a close relationship and help each other: They claim that he is in bed with terrorist organizations.Investors are wary of getting into bed with an industry often tied to gangsters.
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