in arms

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babe in arms

1. An infant. (Based on the fact that an infant is typically carried in an adult's arms). Let me see that precious babe in arms!
2. A person who is gullible, naïve, or lacks experience in a specific situation. Although Jane had always excelled in school, she felt like a babe in arms when she began attending college.
See also: arm, babe

in arms

1. Bearing weapons for a fight, as a soldier or military person. With only 40 men in arms, our tiny battalion had little hope of withstanding the siege.
2. In a state of agitated hostility, especially leading to or preparing for conflict. Everyone in the company was in arms after we found out our pensions had been dissolved by the board of directors.
See also: arm

up in arms

Very upset or angry about something, likened to an armed rebellion, from which the phrase originated. The whole town is up in arms about the addition of a new shopping center. Mom was really up in arms after I dented her brand-new car.
See also: arm, up