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HEALTH minister Edwina Hart yesterday called Llandudno Hospital "a gem" and hinted there could be good news for its staff soon.
His departure will be good news to many gays and lesbians.
This would be good news for any parent, but for a parent who is also a Reader with a capital R, a person who would rather go to the library than the mall, a person who credits books with saving her life--this is a joyful, joyful day.
Brazilian exports are expected to break records in 2004, which would be good news on top of good news.
This--if he delivers--will be good news. So are his proposals to open legitimate channels for economic migration, to answer a labour shortage which is presently made up by illegal workers.
I will return to Washington tonight with what I know will be good news for Secretary Powell: political-military relations between the United States and India are strong and growing.