be glued to something

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be glued to (something)

1. To be giving something one's undivided attention, to the exclusion of everyone and everything else. He's been glued to that book for the entire camping trip. I wish he would take a break and enjoy the scenery. Connor's kids are always glued to the TV. They don't even say hello when we come over.
2. To remained fixed to or unmoving from some thing or location. I told him to run, but he was glued to the spot with fear. You kids have been glued to that sofa all weekend long. Go outside and get some fresh air for a change!
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be ˈglued to something

(informal) give all your attention to something; stay very close to something: He spends every evening glued to the TV.Her eyes were glued to the screen (= she did not stop watching it).
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