be curtains for (someone or something)

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be curtains for (someone or something)

cliché To be the end, death, or demise of someone or something. Oh, it'll be curtains for that informant once I find him! Unfortunately, if this merger doesn't go through, it's curtains for our company. It's curtains for the defending champs if they don't pull off a miraculous comeback.
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it's curtains

This is the end. Typically refers to an adverse ending to something, or (hyperbolically or humorously) to death. It's curtains for the defending champs if they don't pull off a miraculous comeback. It's curtains for me if I don't get home by curfew. My parents will kill me!
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curtains for, be.

Also, it's curtains. Be the end, especially death. For example, If he hadn't worn a bullet-proof vest, it would have been curtains for him, or It's curtains if she doesn't finish on time. This expression is a metaphor for the falling curtain signifying the end of a performance. [Slang; c. 1900]
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be curtains for someone/something

If you say that it is curtains for someone or something, you mean that they are going to die, be forced to leave or end. One more defeat for this team and it will surely be curtains for the manager. If the vote is yes, it's curtains for us and a whole way of life will disappear. Note: You can also say that something means curtains or spells curtains for someone or something. A diagnosis like that doesn't always mean curtains. The loss of ace striker, Joe Holdsworth, at the start of the season could have spelled curtains for the club. Note: The curtains referred to here are the curtains at the front of the stage in a theatre.
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be ˈcurtains (for somebody/something)

(informal) cause the death of somebody or the end of something: It’ll be curtains for the business if the bank doesn’t give us that loan.
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