be bitten by/have the bug

be bitten by the bug

COMMON If you are bitten by the gardening bug, for example, or are bitten by the acting bug, you become very enthusiastic about gardening or acting, and you start doing it a lot. I've definitely been bitten by the gardening bug, and now I love weeding and digging. Bitten by the travel bug, he set off for a working holiday in Australia. She provides a guide to Britain's antiques markets and a very useful reference list for those seriously bitten by the bug.
See also: bitten, bug

have (or be bitten by) the bug

develop a sudden strong enthusiasm for something.
See also: bug, have

be bitten by/have the ˈbug

(informal) have a sudden strong interest in or enthusiasm for something: My mum was never really interested in going abroad until she went to America last year. Now she’s been bitten by the travel bug and hates staying at home!
See also: bitten, bug, have