be barking mad

be barking mad

To be crazy or insane. Although its origin is unknown, the phrase may refer to rabid dogs. It's freezing today, and you're not going to wear a coat? Are you barking mad? You're barking mad if you think that plan will work.
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be barking ˈmad


be ˈbarking

(British English, informal) completely crazy: You’re playing tennis in this weather? You’re barking mad!
See also: bark, mad
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The man who is widely tipped to be the next england manager claims that you would have to be barking mad to take the job.
Bookmakers can argue that punters must be barking mad to back a horse on a losing run that stretches back to July 2000, but the counter-argument is that Barking Mad has dropped a long way in the weights as a result of his 19 defeats.
'I was talking to a pal who said you must be barking mad to be a manager,' said Hollywood.
Widower Arthur, of Newport, Gwent, said yesterday: "They must be barking mad."
They say that pets look like their owners but we're not entirely sure on this one, in fact you'd be barking mad to see a likeness.
Some people think I may be barking mad to take on this challenge but, make no mistake, we will defend it tooth and claw.
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