be/go along for the ride

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go along for the ride

To attend some event or participate in some activity without playing an active or central role in the proceedings. John's receiving an award for his work overseas tonight, so I thought I'd go along for the ride. I'm going along for the ride to my friends' book club meeting later to see if I want to become a member.
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go along for the ride


come along for the ride

If someone goes along for the ride or comes along for the ride, they join in an activity but do not do it seriously or get very involved. John was on a job taking pictures of a band and I had agreed to go along for the ride. `Who's that with you?' — `A friend of mine. He came along for the ride.'
See also: go, ride
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be/go along for the ˈride

(informal) join a group of people because you are interested in what they are doing, although you do not want to take an active part in it: Some of the group are not really interested in politics — they’re just along for the ride.
See also: go, ride
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