be all over (one)

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be all over (one)

1. To berate, upbraid, or verbally attack someone. The boss was all over me yesterday for coming into the meeting late.
2. To engage in kissing or caressing (with one), especially at length and in public. Mark and Ethan were all over each other for the entire film. That's the last time I go to see a movie with them.
3. To make amorous advances toward one, whether wanted or not. Stacy's boyfriend was all over me at the party last night. I had to get my friend John to tell him to stop.
4. In sports, to be constantly making aggressive moves at one's opponent, especially on defense, such that they are unable to perform as they want. Their star defensive tackle was all over the quarterback for the entire game.
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be all ˈover somebody

(informal) show a lot of affection for or enthusiasm about somebody: He was all over her at the party.
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be all over

To attack verbally; reprimand severely.
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