be/look past it

be past it

1. To have overcome a problem or difficulty in a relationship or situation. Yes, we had issues with communication early in our marriage, but we're past it now, thanks to couples counseling.
2. slang To be past one's youth and thus deemed too old to do certain things If you ask me, a middle-aged man should not be wearing leather pants. He's past it! That player is definitely past it—he hasn't had a good season in years.
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be past it

If someone or something is past it, they are too old and no longer good enough. They said that at 25 years old, Joe Montana was past it. Note: You can also say that someone or something is getting past it if they are becoming too old and less good than they used to be. The car we've got at the moment is getting a bit past it.
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be/look ˈpast it

(British English, informal)
1 (of a person) be too old to do something as well as you used to in the past: He might look past it, but I bet he can run faster than you.
2 (of a thing) be no longer in good condition or functioning well because of its age: Those shoes are a bit past it, aren’t they? You need a new pair.
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