be/go over the top

be over the top

To be or be seen as excessive. A massive birthday party with princesses and pony rides is a little over the top for a one-year-old, don't you think? She hardly knew my grandfather, so her bawling at the funeral was definitely over the top. That movie was intentionally over the top, and I think it worked—especially when that guy fought the bear.
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go over the top

1. To move over the fortification surrounding a trench in trench warfare. If your men go over the top right now, it will be suicide! We need to wait for air cover, first.
2. To go beyond a certain limit, threshold, goal, or quota. I had only hoped to sell 10 boxes of candy, so I easily went over the top when my family members got wind of the fundraiser.
3. To engage in excessive, flamboyant, campy, or outrageous style or behavior, often purposefully so. Even by slasher movie standards, this film goes way over the top with its blood and gore. I just thought the lead actor went over the top. It kind of ruined the play for me.
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be/go ˌover the ˈtop

(abbr. OTT) (informal, especially British English) (of a person) do something in a wild, excited or extreme way; (of something) be unnecessarily extreme: They went completely over the top at their wedding. I’ve never seen anything like it!His remarks were a bit over the top.
See also: go, over, top
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