be/get steamed up

be steamed up

1. To be very angry or upset. I'm steamed up after hearing her talk about you like that.
2. To be heavily intoxicated. Do you remember last night at the pub at all? You were really steamed up!
See also: steam, up

get steamed up

1. To become very angry or upset. Hearing her talk about you like that just got me really steamed up.
2. To become heavily intoxicated. Please don't get too steamed up when you're out with John tonight.
See also: get, steam, up
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be/get (all) steamed ˈup (about/over something)

(British English) (American English be ˈsteamed (about something)) (informal) be/become very angry or excited (about something): There’s no need to get so steamed up over such a small problem.
See also: get, steam, up
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