be, keep, etc. in touch

be in touch

To communicate with someone. The recruiter said that he'll be in touch about the job next week. You're still in touch with Cara, right? How is she these days?
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keep in touch

1. To maintain contact with another person, especially at intervals so as to remain up to date with each other's lives. My old high school friends and I tried keeping in touch once we graduated, but we all started drifting apart once college got underway. Now, make sure you keep in touch. I want to hear all about your time in Paris!
2. An informal parting phrase, especially with someone one isn't likely to see again anytime soon. OK, Deborah, thank you for your audition. Keep in touch! It was so good to see you again, cousin Jeb—keep in touch!
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be, keep, etc. in ˈtouch (with somebody)

communicate with somebody regularly: We are in touch with our central office every day.I’ve stayed in touch with some of my university friends.
See also: touch
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