be, etc. in/out of touch

be in touch

To communicate with someone. The recruiter said that he'll be in touch about the job next week. You're still in touch with Cara, right? How is she these days?
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be out of touch

1. To lack understanding or awareness of modern beliefs or developments. Making a sexist statement like that just proves how much he is out of touch.
2. To lack understanding or awareness of other people's needs or concerns. Slashing the company's insurance policy shows that the CEO is totally out of touch.
3. To not have communicated with someone recently. Oh, how is Cara? We've been out of touch lately.
4. Of a person, to be unavailable for communication. I have a flight to catch, so I'll be out of touch for a few hours.
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be out of ˈtouch (with somebody)

no longer communicate with somebody, so that you no longer know what is happening to them: Now my husband and I are divorced, people assume we’re out of touch, but we’re not. We see each other quite regularly.
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be, etc. in/out of ˈtouch (with something)

have/not have recent knowledge or news of something, and so fully/not fully understand it: I try to keep in touch with what’s happening by reading the newspapers.Our politicians are old and out of touch (= unaware of people’s real feelings).
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