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slang An abbreviated spelling of "baby" typically used in text messages or online communication. Almost always written in lower case. Aw, what's wrong, bb? A: "Look at this precious bb!" B: "OMG that's the cutest kitten I've ever seen."


An initialism of "be back soon," used especially in real-time online communications, such as chat rooms or instant messaging. Sometimes written in capital letters. A: "so, how u doin back @ home?" B: "good. sry, mom's callin. bbs. A: "Phil, would you mind sending a copy of those invoices to everyone in the chat?" B: "No problem, just let me go scan them. BBS, everyone."
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The first thing they wanted to know was how large the Hornady Black Diamond BBs were, and if they were more uniform than the other brands.
I took three measurements with dial calipers on each of 10 BBs to obtain this determination.
And, in 2015 BBS will be there in the Upper South Hall in Booth #30300.
They were called bulletin board systems, or BBSes: communities that allowed users to dial in at crawling modem speeds--usually only one at a time--and exchange private e-mails, public messages, and software files.
Bulletin board software makes the modem work and runs the BBS. This software can be purchased commercially or obtained from other bulletin boards through a system known as "shareware."
"The amount of time you spend running your business off-line is about how much time you spend running a BBS online," says Cary Harwin, co-author of How to Successfully Run a BBC for Profit.
This BBS has an educational bent, providing an online curriculum, environmental news, databases and events.
"Our BBS provides a 'Technical Request Form' which allows our customers to leave their technical questions with us," Rudock says.
They used gravity to feed the BBs. That last picture of a modern shot tube is one that Daisy sent me to use in our discussions.
The BBs are loaded through a port at the rear of the receiver.
During the testing process, the information systems manager determined that the BBS offers some extended capabilities.
The book shows how to get a BBS running from start to finish, and also includes a full version of TBBS software.
attorney in Memphis, became a member of the Thomases' BBS. Once he had become a member, he did three things: He downloaded sexually oriented images, ordered a videotape (which was delivered via UPS), and sent an unsolicited child-porn video to the Thomases.
An interesting twist to all of this is the fact that the Umarex-produced PPK/S fires regular steel BBs instead of lead airgun pellets, and is a true semi-auto, incorporating a reciprocating slide, just like its gunpowder-driven cousins, Unlike the cartridge-firing PPK/S, however, this outstanding BB shooter does not have a double-action-on-first-shot capability, having instead a single-action-only mechanism.
Even a slow 386 computer can support a BBS, as long as it has a serial port.