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When Sammy was sad, her bazillion Kisses would whisper to her, "Be patient.
Only me and the 12 bazillion other people on the email will know what's going to happen next year.
Adele bashing Yes, yes, technical difficulties at The Grammys meant ONE WHOLE NOTE was ever so slightly off but Adele at her absolute worst is still a bazillion times better than everyone else at their totally nailing it, tip top perfect best, so bore off.
Elon, like many institutions across the country, doesn't have a bazillion dollars to just accomplish all these initiatives at one time.
Milluzzo; stepchildren Corey Bazillion and Brianna Plaud; his mother, Linda M.
Nothing like scrolling through a bazillion names and numbers just to get to the one you're searching for.
Jack Betterway, serial entrepreneur, who quit his widget-making job after designing the Betterway Widget Maker and selling it to Facebook for $1 bazillion
Nicole is perfectly happy hanging out backstage with me as I get ready for the show, whether I'm warming up (she's heard me vocalize a bazillion times .
That doesn't happen every single time, but I'll bet you a bazillion dollars that it doesn't happen that fast with the direct writers.
Plug "digital resources for K-12" into Google and you'll get a bazillion results (or maybe it just seems that way).
Does every new pistol have to hold a bazillion rounds so its grip is as big as a beer can?
Being a celebrity comes with a lot of cool stuff -- money, mansions, private jets, a bazillion Twitter followers.
You can put a bazillion people in seats to sit there and watch what's going on in the network and try to do cyber recognition and figure out if this is a bad guy.
The pet food industry has spent a bazillion dollars creating the perfect treat or doggy biscuit.