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bawl (one's) eyes out

To sob or weep loudly, uncontrollably, and for a long period of time. After we broke up, I just lay on my bed and bawled my eyes out.
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take a bawling out

To receive a very severe rebuke, chastisement, or scolding (from someone). I sure took a bawling out from my parents after I smashed up their car.
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bawl out

1. To scold someone vehemently. A person's name or a pronoun can be used between "bawl" and "out." The teacher bawled us out when she caught us cheating on the test. I was bawled out by my mother for staying out past curfew.
2. To speak loudly. Be sure to bawl out the weekly announcements so everyone in the auditorium can hear them.
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bawl someone out

to scold someone in a loud voice. The teacher bawled the student out for arriving late. Principals don't usually bawl out students.
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give someone a (good) bawling out

to bawl someone out; to chastise someone. When the teacher caught Bil-lie, he gave him a good bawling out.
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bawl out

1. Call out loudly, announce, as in Some of the players were quite hard of hearing, so the rector bawled out the bingo numbers . [1500s]
2. Scold or reprimand loudly, as in Her teacher was always bawling out the class for not paying attention. [c. 1900]
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bawl out

To scold someone loudly or harshly: My boss bawled me out for coming to work late. I am going to bawl out my students if they don't prepare for the next test.
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Besides, if any of us had to perform tuneless songs to bawling kids who'd still scream if you were playing Do You Want Your Old Lobby Washed Down on the spoons, we'd probably turn to drugs as well.
This week I had the misfortune to see one such big baby bawling his eyes out on live TV because West Ham United lost and will now have to play their football in the second tier of English football.
BAWLING babies are just as ear-splittingly unbearable for monkeys as they are for humans, research has shown.
MASTERCHEF finalist Andy Oliver gets a barrack room bawling when he cooks for the Black Watch in the TV contest.
Crashing sounds like a bulldozer tearing up the woods rose from the valley, along with grunting, bleating, bawling, and a couple of violent snort-wheezes followed by the clashing of antlers as two or more bucks parried for the services of the big doe.
So what's she doing, bawling like a predatory rock chick and demanding hot love?
I have just had to be so miserable for weeks and I am completely fed up of bawling.
He said: 'When I read the script I was bawling my eyes out at the end of reading it because of what he'd achieved, a sense of relief.
The near 15,000 made as much noise as happens at a boxing match and with the majority of them bawling out for O' Sullivan's victory it was not surprising that Ding finally broke down in tears.
A lot of big dudes who you'd think would be pretty tough, once they get out, they're bawling like little girls,'' said J.
As the ball left his foot his skipper Steven Gerrard was seen bawling him out for trying such an outlandish effort.
There's no bawling at referees and the club is helping these youngsters to appreciate sport for what it should be.
The fool had a bandana on, trying to look all hard--then straight starts bawling like a little bitch.
Ezekiel "Easy" Bawling has a good job as chief custodian of the Sojourner Truth High School, a loving family and a wide circle of friends.
NEWS of yet another bawling holy sign from the gods.