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bawl (one's) eyes out

To sob or weep loudly, uncontrollably, and for a long period of time. After we broke up, I just lay on my bed and bawled my eyes out.
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bawl out

1. To scold someone vehemently. A person's name or a pronoun can be used between "bawl" and "out." The teacher bawled us out when she caught us cheating on the test. I was bawled out by my mother for staying out past curfew.
2. To speak loudly. Be sure to bawl out the weekly announcements so everyone in the auditorium can hear them.
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give (one) a (good) bawling out

To scold one extensively. The teacher gave us a good bawling out when she caught us cheating on the test. My mother said she would give me a bawling out if I stayed out past curfew again.
See also: bawl, give, out

take a bawling out

To receive a very severe rebuke, chastisement, or scolding (from someone). I sure took a bawling out from my parents after I smashed up their car.
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bawl someone out

to scold someone in a loud voice. The teacher bawled the student out for arriving late. Principals don't usually bawl out students.
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give someone a (good) bawling out

to bawl someone out; to chastise someone. When the teacher caught Bil-lie, he gave him a good bawling out.
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bawl out

1. Call out loudly, announce, as in Some of the players were quite hard of hearing, so the rector bawled out the bingo numbers . [1500s]
2. Scold or reprimand loudly, as in Her teacher was always bawling out the class for not paying attention. [c. 1900]
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bawl out

To scold someone loudly or harshly: My boss bawled me out for coming to work late. I am going to bawl out my students if they don't prepare for the next test.
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They should fire the lot and cancel this show with contestants that sound like coalmen bawling.
Besides, if any of us had to perform tuneless songs to bawling kids who'd still scream if you were playing Do You Want Your Old Lobby Washed Down on the spoons, we'd probably turn to drugs as well.
Andy Murray admits he turned the air blue bawling at Laura Robson as they guaranteed at least silver by reaching the mixed doubles final.
Quite the best pictures to emerge were those of a couple of London "models" bawling their eyes out in disbelief as they were sent down for six weeks for stealing lingerie.
This week I had the misfortune to see one such big baby bawling his eyes out on live TV because West Ham United lost and will now have to play their football in the second tier of English football.
hile the French Prez has been "shouting and bawling" at Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, over the euro's woes, his wife, Carla, is looking forward to improving foreign relations.
I made the mistake of venturing into the Grapes pub on Mathew Street with an old friend on Sunday and found myself in the midst of karaoke hell, with drinkers screaming and bawling in their attempts at cheesy ballads.
He said: 'When I read the script I was bawling my eyes out at the end of reading it because of what he'd achieved, a sense of relief.'
The near 15,000 made as much noise as happens at a boxing match and with the majority of them bawling out for O' Sullivan's victory it was not surprising that Ding finally broke down in tears.
A If bawling babies haven't taught him, I'm afraid it will take a very disciplinarian wife, Laurie.
Howe, 31, of Ellison Road, Dunston, was thrown out because he was "shouting and bawling" at her and then threatened to kill her and torch her home.
Leading firefighter, Ian Scott, said: "The girl had got her leg caught in the bars which hold the bed together and was bawling her eyes out.
He said: "She held me tight when I was bawling my eyes out - she's fantastic."
NEWS of yet another bawling holy sign from the gods.