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bawl (one's) eyes out

To sob or weep loudly, uncontrollably, and for a long period of time. After we broke up, I just lay on my bed and bawled my eyes out.
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take a bawling out

To receive a very severe rebuke, chastisement, or scolding (from someone). I sure took a bawling out from my parents after I smashed up their car.
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bawl out

1. To scold someone vehemently. A person's name or a pronoun can be used between "bawl" and "out." The teacher bawled us out when she caught us cheating on the test. I was bawled out by my mother for staying out past curfew.
2. To speak loudly. Be sure to bawl out the weekly announcements so everyone in the auditorium can hear them.
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give (one) a (good) bawling out

To scold one extensively. The teacher gave us a good bawling out when she caught us cheating on the test. My mother said she would give me a bawling out if I stayed out past curfew again.
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bawl someone out

to scold someone in a loud voice. The teacher bawled the student out for arriving late. Principals don't usually bawl out students.
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give someone a (good) bawling out

to bawl someone out; to chastise someone. When the teacher caught Bil-lie, he gave him a good bawling out.
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bawl out

1. Call out loudly, announce, as in Some of the players were quite hard of hearing, so the rector bawled out the bingo numbers . [1500s]
2. Scold or reprimand loudly, as in Her teacher was always bawling out the class for not paying attention. [c. 1900]
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bawl out

To scold someone loudly or harshly: My boss bawled me out for coming to work late. I am going to bawl out my students if they don't prepare for the next test.
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There's the incessant drill, the two hours polishing shoes and learning to cope with being bawled out by the stocky and generally unintelligible staff sergeant instilling disciple through fear.
I JUST SAT DOWN AND BAWLED MY EYES OUT: Carol Francis with the monster characters Sully and Mike which were hacked by vandals who broke through the roof of the lock-up unit where the models were kept
Then she was heckled by the inevitable protesters, led by a typically outraged Ian Paisley who bawled that she "should realise she is not on her own territory here".
WATCHING Prime Minister's Questions in the House of Commons, it was nice to hear from Perth and North Perthshire MP Pete Wish art that, in the middle of the biggest financial crisis in living memory, crime rife on our streets, and every other modern-day problem, he spoke for everyone in Scotland when he bawled that we didn't want a GB football team.
Evelyn Gray, 36, and Barbara Gray bawled insults at Andrew Hudson in Direct Paints, Gourock, in February, before hurling tins of paint around.
And Tory Pam Paterson said: "He bawled at me so much at a council meeting, I asked if we had an anti-bullying policy.
He once bawled at a player to stop whingeing and get on with the game because there was nothing wrong with him - X-rays later showed he had a broken jaw
Porn presenter Abi, 28, said she was devastated to leave the ITV show - despite being bawled out by chef Gordon Ramsay.
THE woman who bawled out Tony Blair over the NHS last night stormed: "I'd do it all again.
The christening of the little prince - who bawled his eyes out - was at the Greek Cathedral of Saint Sophia in Bayswater, London.
President Clinton bawled out two preachers he brought into the White House after they gave him fire and brimstone warnings over the Monica Lewinsky affair.
Zoe Ball bawled her eyes out yesterday as she toasted her final goodbye to The Big Breakfast team.
Often, if I've bawled somebody out in the dressing-room I can go outside and Ian - who's not been anywhere near the room - will say: `Quite right.