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A very large foot or shoe. Typically used in the plural. I bet that store doesn't have shoes big enough for your battleships!

enough (something) to sink a (battle)ship

Referring to a very large quantity of something. Over the years, we've accumulated enough Christmas decorations to sink a ship. Where are we going to put them all?
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enough to sink a ship

Also, enough to sink a battleship. A more than sufficient amount, as in They brought enough food to sink a ship. [Colloquial; mid-1900s]
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and battleships
n. big feet; big shoes. Get those battleships off my sofa! Hasn’t he got the biggest gunboats you ever saw?
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See also: battleship
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Nearly 20 American naval vessels were destroyed in the attack, including eight massive battleships.
Some of the men trapped inside the capsized Oklahoma were able to be rescued when crews cut open sections of the bottom of the battleship to reach the trapped sailors.
This supreme manufacturing achievement, and the fact that most of the firms who made it possible have now gone, is the focus of Ian Buxton's book The Battleship Builders, written with co-author Ian Johnston, from Seaforth Publishing.
Var of battleship being followed by the boat of Turkish Coast Guard
Congress requires that the USS Wisconsin (a WWII battleship displacing 52,000 tons, a top speed of 30 knots, and nine 16-inch guns) be maintained in a state of readiness.
Paint and corrosion on the bridge of Battleship Texas, a result of the century-old steel ship sitting in brackish water for decades.
In Battleship, the former model plays the iconic actor's daughter.
Battleship is little more than a fairly poor FPS - but with a campaign weighing in at just four hours in length, it's at least mercifully brief.
If you don't like that idea then run a mile from this boys' own adventure which has absolutely nothing in common with Eisenstein's revered 1925 movie about a Russian mutiny, Battleship Potemkin.
Terrific WORST BATTLESHIP 131mins 12A John Paul Jones and the Vice Admiral (Liam Neeson) watching from shore, the battle for Earth begins.
In fact, Battleship is a bit of a cut-andshut of action movies, from Top Gun to Independence Day to Pearl Harbor.
BATTLESHIP, the children's board game of naval warfare, is simple: hunt and sink your opponent's ships of varying classes within a 10x10 grid.
WE'VE got four pairs of tickets for Llandudno Cineworld, for the new Rihanna action movie Battleship.
2, 2011, the Battleship Missouri Memorial held a traditional Hawaiian blessing and opening for its new Research Center, a resource now available to visitors who wish to delve deeper into the ship's history while aboard the "Mighty MO" berthed at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.
The battleship described by the Echo as "the finest fighting ship in Hitler's fleet" and the pride of the Nazi Navy had sunk our own most celebrated warship, HMS Hood, only a few of her 1,300 crew surviving.