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battle with (someone or something)

1. To engage in an armed conflict or struggle with someone. Our troops prepared to battle with the rebels from the southern isles.
2. To engage in an argument or dispute with someone. I feel like I'm constantly battling with the number-crunchers from accounts to get the budget I need for my team. The president has been battling with Congress over the proposed legislation.
3. To engage in a relentless or merciless competition with someone or something. The two companies have been battling with one another for market dominance for nearly 10 years. She will be battling with the two-time national champion in the gold-medal match tomorrow night.
4. To struggle to make something function correctly. I've been battling with this dishwasher all morning, but it still won't drain! The amount of time each day we spend battling with this printer is downright ridiculous.
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battle (with someone) (over someone or something)

Fig. to argue or struggle with someone over someone or something. (Not meant to involve physical fighting.) Why do you always have to battle with me over practically nothing? You shouldn't battle over just anything for the sake of argument!
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He saw the battle from the ground, from Prospect Park and from Goat Island, whither he fled.
The Zeppelin circled slowly over this scene twice while the Prince surveyed it from the swinging gallery; it then rose towards the centre of the crescent and transferred the Prince and his suite, Kurt included, to the Hohenzollern, which had been chosen as the flagship during the impending battle. They were swung up on a small cable from the forward gallery, and the men of the Zeppelin manned the outer netting as the Prince and his staff left them.
The left of the battle became a confused dance of airships.
But the fight was not ended, for neither Cathullin nor Swaran had gained the victory, and ere gray morning broke the battle was renewed.
And in this second day's fight Swaran was the victor, but while the battle still raged white-sailed ships appeared upon the sea.
But although Cathullin fled, between Fingal and Swaran battle was renewed till darkness fell.
Now the son of Tydeus was in pursuit of the Cyprian goddess, spear in hand, for he knew her to be feeble and not one of those goddesses that can lord it among men in battle like Minerva or Enyo the waster of cities, and when at last after a long chase he caught her up, he flew at her and thrust his spear into the flesh of her delicate hand.
She found fierce Mars waiting on the left of the battle, with his spear and his two fleet steeds resting on a cloud; whereon she fell on her knees before her brother and implored him to let her have his horses.
And now Minerva has egged this son of Tydeus on against yourself, fool that he is for not reflecting that no man who fights with gods will live long or hear his children prattling about his knees when he returns from battle. Let, then, the son of Tydeus see that he does not have to fight with one who is stronger than you are.
Time after time I saw it sweeping down, as some great warrior ventured to give him battle, and as he struck he shouted "/O-hoy!
All Twala's army, as Ignosi predicted would be the case, had fixed their attention on the bloody struggle which was raging round the remnant of the Greys and that of the Buffaloes, who were now carrying on a battle of their own at a little distance, which two regiments had formed the chest of our army.
In five minutes the fate of the battle was decided.
On our return to the city after the battle we had gone directly to Tars Tarkas' quarters, where I was left alone while the chieftain attended the customary council which immediately follows an engagement.
I did not see him in the thick of battle; he was not there.
Never in the history of Barsoom, Tars Tarkas told me, had such a force of green warriors marched to battle together.