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battle with (someone or something)

1. To engage in an armed conflict or struggle with someone. Our troops prepared to battle with the rebels from the southern isles.
2. To engage in an argument or dispute with someone. I feel like I'm constantly battling with the number-crunchers from accounts to get the budget I need for my team. The president has been battling with Congress over the proposed legislation.
3. To engage in a relentless or merciless competition with someone or something. The two companies have been battling with one another for market dominance for nearly 10 years. She will be battling with the two-time national champion in the gold-medal match tomorrow night.
4. To struggle to make something function correctly. I've been battling with this dishwasher all morning, but it still won't drain! The amount of time each day we spend battling with this printer is downright ridiculous.
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battle (with someone) (over someone or something)

Fig. to argue or struggle with someone over someone or something. (Not meant to involve physical fighting.) Why do you always have to battle with me over practically nothing? You shouldn't battle over just anything for the sake of argument!
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In this sleight of hand, Australia was, and is, intrinsically egalitarian; but battlers, by want of their shared fears, values and sense of 'betrayal', are coded as cross-class.
A battler, a warrior, a teammate and friend to so many in the club.
But the box-to-box battler insisted Boro are still in it.
"Unfortunately we didn't get to ride on any but Kemik and Battler had to stop every few yards for photographs!
But now their little battler, who suffers with cerebral palsy, has exceeded their expectations by becoming a footballing ace who can do more than 2,000 "keepy uppies" in half-an-hour.
But her devastated parents have sought legal advice and say they will never give up on their "little battler".
by COLIN BRENNAN CANCER battler Majella O'Donnell has had her first haircut and colour since she shaved her head on The Late Late Show.
His trainer, successful with Zagreb and Grey Swallow, described him as "a real battler".
BRITISH battler Carl Froch has threatened to quit the Super Six series if promoters break an agreement to hold his next fight on home turf.
BATTLER Janine Richardson has survived meningitis and is now fighting to help other people.
WALES battler Carl Robinson is what Harry Redknapp likes - a gamble he cannot lose - the player being paid only when he plays.
A battler, a real talent - but we are not going to be able to get him."
She's a real battler and I'm so thankful for everything the doctors did."
Guez, who is a dogged battler, will be giving his absolute all in front of the Paris hordes, too, so backing Ferrer to win in three sets makes no appeal at the prices.