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Looking at the breadth and scale of his sculptures, whether it's the Dark Knight in rusted gear or a naval battle station built with computer parts, it seems a challenge that's very much under Mallari's control.
Battle stations associated with the FTB concept can be defensive fighting positions on the perimeter, working entry control points, or performing as part of mobile walking patrols.
Even though N9 and ONR have been testing the game on recruits from RTC since October 2008, VESSEL is not geared toward passing Battle Stations 21, the final test for a recruit before graduating from the Navy's only boot camp.
THE Ospreys last night moved to battle stations to fight off an audacious bid to lure Gavin Henson away to rugby league.
There has never been anything close to Battle Stations.
One of its newest training technologies is Battle Stations 21, an $82 million facility that will test recruits' capabilities and sailor-worthiness with an immersive 12-hour simulation beginning next month (see related story).
The Christian pastor left his audience with a militant call: "Man your battle stations, ready your weapons, lock and load
Baker, who has hired top caddie Pete Coleman for his last-ditch attempt, said: ``It's battle stations and all I can do is give it my best shot.
Raptor Splash: A water-play area featuring four battle stations equipped with water-balloon launchers.
This was a battle station location for a small damage-control party and other crew members who were unable to make it to their battle stations.
Because their mission is yet to be determined, the crewmembers are training on everything from force protection to battle stations and rules of engagement.
At half-time we were in front but after Chris Garrard was sent off and the two yellow cards it was just a case of battle stations.
First assembled in an empty warehouse in 1997 with plywood, makeshift plumbing and old-fashioned Sailor ingenuity, Battle Stations has evolved considerably from its beginnings.
Overall, Battle Stations is a well written, easily read, and profusely illustrated book whose only vice, at least to the scholar, is the lack of documentation.
Ultimately, what they would like to do is have nuclear-powered battle stations in outer space.