(old) battle-ax(e)

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(old) battle-ax(e)

A strong-willed, argumentative woman, typically older in age, who is considered overbearing or domineering. My grandmother was always the matriarch of the entire family, an old battle-axe who answered to no one but God. I gained a reputation of being a bit of a battle ax in the office because of how outspoken and unbending I am about certain issues. Good luck getting that old battle-axe to sign off on any drastic changes you want to make to the department.
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old battle-axe

a bossy old woman. She is such an old battle-axe. I'll bet she's hell to live with.
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A bossy, combative woman. Obviously referring to the ancient weapon, the figurative usage dates from the late 1800s. For example, “That battle-ax of a secretary guards her boss so no one can get in to see him.” The cliché is now heard less often and may be dying out.
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