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drive (one) batty

To annoy or frustrate one to the point of exasperation. A week on vacation with my relatives is enough to drive me batty. That loud beeping noise is driving me batty!
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drive someone batty

 and drive someone bonkers; drive someone nuts
Fig. to annoy or irritate someone. You are certainly annoying! You're going to drive me batty. This cold is driving me bonkers. These tax forms are driving me nuts.
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1. and batty mod. crazy. You are driving me batty! You are bats if you think I would ever wear a haircut like that.
2. and batty mod. alcohol intoxicated; confused and drunk. The guy was bats—stewed to his ears. He was a bit batty, but he’d been drinking since noon, so no one was surprised.
3. and the bats n. the delirium tremens. (Always with the.) My buddy is shaking because of a slight case of the bats.


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