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drive (one) batty

To annoy or frustrate one to the point of exasperation. A week on vacation with my relatives is enough to drive me batty. That loud beeping noise is driving me batty!
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drive someone batty

 and drive someone bonkers; drive someone nuts
Fig. to annoy or irritate someone. You are certainly annoying! You're going to drive me batty. This cold is driving me bonkers. These tax forms are driving me nuts.
See also: batty, drive
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1. and batty mod. crazy. You are driving me batty! You are bats if you think I would ever wear a haircut like that.
2. and batty mod. alcohol intoxicated; confused and drunk. The guy was bats—stewed to his ears. He was a bit batty, but he’d been drinking since noon, so no one was surprised.
3. and the bats n. the delirium tremens. (Always with the.) My buddy is shaking because of a slight case of the bats.


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A total of seven NBA stars have come to China this year and they are Jason Kidd, Shane Battier, Kevin Love, Dorell Wright, Patrick Patterson, JaVale McGee and Beno Udrih.
ServiceMaster Clean awarded two Shane Battier Franchise Scholarships, one to Corbet K.
"Mac (Tracy McGrady) being out, Deke (Dikembe Mutombo) being out, Shane (Battier) being out at the beginning of the year.
well, it doesn't get any uglier or battier than that.
2 BATTIER EXPORT (Author) 3 TRY HERO PART (Wizard chap)
HOLDING kids back in primary school is one of Tory toff David Cameron's battier ideas.
Laura Behrens, cable analyst with Gartner Media, says the beauty of the COD plan is that "by removing the price battier, Comcast motivated people to seek out which buttons to push to get all of that free video-on-demand."
Tuesday was a national holiday to mark the 61st anniversary of the end of Japanese colonial rule on the Korean Peninsula.Carmelo Anthony, Shane Battier, Elton Brand, Kirk Hinrich and Wade started for the US team.After a visit to a US military base Wednesday, the team headed to Sapporo, Japan, for its opening game of the championships on Saturday against Puerto Rico.The United States finished sixth at the worlds in 2002 and third in 1998.
Kim Jong-il is clearly one of the world's battier leaders.
At the helm, Martinez is also determined to bring doom the battier of high down payments by proposing a funding increase to 200 million annually ill the 2004 budget to help 40,000 families overcome such hurdles.
Brian Battier, vice president for business development at Spring Street Networks, a company that works with online and print publications to create personal ad services catering to their specific readerships, says Internet dating sites are especially useful either for gay people who live in locations without bustling gay communities or for those whose daily lives don't necessarily revolve around being gay.
When the vermiculite is kept well dispersed, and the coating is formed with little loss in water, the resulting film shows large improvements in battier properties over that of the untilled polymer.
But this is not one of Irish training sensation Aidan O'Brien's battier ideas.
As will the parade of super comets like Kobe Bryant, Garnett, Nowitzki, Francis, Miller, McGrady, and Battier.
To me, the idea of drafting high school students, just because they're tall, ahead of someone like Shane Battier, veteran of four years at Duke, ACC and NCAA tournament pressure and good coaching, is simply ludicrous.