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batter down

To remove or destroy a particular structure. A noun or pronoun can be used between "batter" and "down." Which wall will the construction crew batter down?
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batter up

1. verb To harm or damage someone or something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "batter" and "up." That accident battered up the door of my car. I think that kid will listen to us if we batter him up a bit and scare him.
2. noun An expression used to summon the next batter to home plate in a baseball game. Let's get this game started. Batter up!
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Drunk. Do you remember last night at the bar at all? You were really battered!
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bruised and battered

Injured and/or thoroughly worn down, as from an assault or an exhausting, physically trying experience. He drank too much at the bar, got into a fight, and showed up at our door all bruised and battered. The home team, though bruised and battered, emerged victorious from the tough match.
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dust off the batter

In baseball, to throw a pitch at or very close to the body of the batter. Primarily heard in US, South Africa. Don't be afraid to dust off the batter a bit if he's crowding the plate.
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batter someone or something up

to damage or harm someone or something. Max threatened to batter Lefty up within an inch of his life. Who battered up this desk?
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batter something down

to smash or break down something, such as a wall, door, or any defensive structure. Do they have to batter anything down as part of the construction project? They battered down the wall as a first step in enlarging the house.
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mod. alcohol intoxicated. Man, was I battered. I will never drink another drop.
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Chester sent 22 batters to the plate in futility, scoring 0 runs and getting just three hits.
16 different batters reached first on a total of 16 hits, 5 walks, 2 fielder's choice, 3 errors, 2 hit by pitch, 1 dropped third strike, and 1 defensive interference.
A study was conducted using various bat types, standard, aluminum, fungo, and one with a donut, to measure the maximum velocity of a batter after warming up and taking three practice swings.
UP, which has developed and patented a unique technology for packaging of chilled liquid batter, introduced the batter for pancakes and waffles in Sweden late in 2011, with similar products launched in Norway in February 2012.
Batter and coating manufacturers can now remove chemically modified or high amylose starches and deliver more natural, healthier and affordable products, without any loss in performance hut with greater eating qualities.
The other thing to look out for is the thickness of the batter. The thinner the batter, the thinner the pancake - and vice versa.
Hit batters are rare events--approximately 1% of all plate appearances result in a hit batter--that occur in the course of game where other incentives are quite relevant.
We thought adding the berries during the last minute of the mix cycle so they weren't worked into the batter as long might do the trick.
Birmingham education chiefs said Batters, who can appeal, passed a police check before joining another city school in 1997.
A spokeswoman for Birmingham's local education authority last night said Batters would remain suspended until the school governors made a final decision on his job in the next few days.
A player or coach has often seen the right-handed batter work the count to 3-0.
n A strike is when the pitcher throws the ball through an imaginary square or `strike zone'above home plate to his team's catcher,or if a batter swings and misses a pitch,irrespective of where it is.
The academics tested two commercial batters against three homemade recipes, frying fillets of Hold, a fish found only in the Southern Hemisphere and abundant around New Zealand.
There, scientists-turned-chefs have concocted a new rice flour batter that absorbs 60 percent less oil than standard commercial batters made from wheat.
Although batters can hit home runs off other parts of the bat, a hit from the sweet spot delivers an exceptionally powerful wallop to the ball without stinging the batter's hands.