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assault and battery

A violent physical attack. Although "assault and battery" is an official legal charge, the phrase can also be used conversationally to describe any sort of physical attack, however serious. The thief that attacked my son in the parking lot has been charged with assault and battery. A: "Quit punching me! Help, this is assault and battery!" B: "Ah, you're such a wuss. Go cry to mom."
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dead battery

A battery that is not currently able to power anything (such as a vehicle or device). My car must have a dead battery—guess I'll have to call a tow truck. Hey, do you have a charging cable? I've got a dead battery.
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recharge (one's) batteries

To regain one's energy, liveliness, or motivation through a period of rest or recreation. It's amazing how a short walk in the woods can really help you recharge your batteries sometimes. Companies need to remember that vacations are crucial for employees to be able to recharge their batteries so that they can maintain their productivity.
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assault and battery

a violent attack [upon someone] followed by a beating. (A technical legal charge.) Richard was charged with two counts of assault and battery. Dave does not go out at night because he does not want to be a victim of assault and battery.
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recharge your batteries

COMMON If you recharge your batteries, you stop working for a short period in order to rest so that you have more energy when you start working again. After playing in the Divisional Championship, I took a long break from the game to recharge my batteries. He wanted to recharge his batteries and come back feeling fresh and positive. Note: When people recharge batteries, they put an electrical charge back into the batteries by connecting them to a machine that draws power from another source of electricity.
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recharge your batteries

regain your strength and energy by resting and relaxing for a time.
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recharge your ˈbatteries

(informal) rest for a while to get more energy for the next period of activity: You’ve been working too much. What you need is a few days away to recharge your batteries.
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One of the greatest contributors to expendable Soldier load is spare batteries. Recent efforts by the Maneuver Center of Excellence (MCoE) and Project Managers (PMs) such as PM Soldier Sensors and Lasers (PM SSL) have standardized the majority of dismounted electronic equipment into a few common battery types.
Ishihara carried out an analysis on environmental burdens of lithium-ion batteries during production, collection, recycling and waste disposal under the assumption of mass production (12).
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A battery study from the Cleveland, Ohio-based Freedonia Group reported, however, that sales of primary batteries - those that can only be used once - will rise 3 percent annually to an industry total of $5.8 billion in 2012.
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"Furthermore", says Bill Goodwin, "atone user site, four year-old batteries that would normally be expected to be holding a lower charge are actually holding a charge for longer which means they need less frequent changing.
Initially, the conversion to HAWKER batteries was painful because the division's Soldiers were not trained on the AGM technology and therefore did not understand how their standard maintenance procedures actually created battery problems rather than prevented or eliminated them.
Li-ion batteries, widely used in products like cell phones and laptop computers, are now able to support high-amp-drawing power tools.
So, you can expect to find these batteries in smart cards, RFID tags, medical sensors and military devices.
A hydrogen economy will abandon internal-combustion engines completely, and it will also eventually replace the electric grid to your house, and even your flashlight and computer batteries.