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I urge locals to check out the website and see the Baton on its way to the Commonwealth Games.
Queen baton relay is an integral part of the Commonwealth Games and it travels through all the participating countries and its historic journey commenced from Buckingham palace London March this year', he said adding ' From Pakistan Baton will leave for India'.
The baton will be welcomed to Mold with a Baton Parade which will be waiting to escort the relay runners to the front of the theatre building before it is taken inside and onto the stage of the Anthony Hopkins Theatre.
Vice-chairman of Commonwealth Games Wales Jon Morgan said: "It's a wonderful occasion to see the baton arriving on the lifeboat, it was a really special moment.
The baton will be in Wales for four days next week, beginning its journey in Swansea on Tuesday before arriving at the CGI offices in Bridgend at 11.
He ran for part of his 200m stint before stopping to let young people who had turned out to see him touch the baton.
Scotland's most nominated baton bearer, Dr David Sedgwick, took the baton at Glenfinnan railway station.
Four Northumbrian sporting champions who had been chosen to be baton bearers helped schoolchildren in years 8 and 9 from across the county to become the potential future stars of Team England, with a day filled with sporting fun activities.
Athletes carrying the baton will cover a 2-3 km distance each.
The three baton bearers have been selected by Northumberland stakeholders in recognition of their contribution to sport and the community.
The monarch placed the unique hand-crafted baton made of titanium, wood and granite into the hands of sprint legend Allan Wells, winner of four Commonwealth Golds and the 100 metre Olympic sprint title at the 1980 Moscow Games.
Post-production, broadcast and tele-media companies are adopting our Baton(TM) solution in increasing numbers because Baton can help them monetize their content.
Mike Brown, from Scissett Youth Band, said: "We're the first to be passing the baton this Saturday but we didn't receive it until last night.
Using your drill driver, screw the spliced baton to the back of the frame using the 10mm screws, along the line you've drawn.
2 (ANI): The Queen's Baton for the XIXth Commonwealth Games 2010 reached the athletes' village on Saturday.