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Dirty dishes and half-drunk coffee was left in the sink, the worktops were dirty, the bin was full of rubbish, the 'breezeblock' sofa bed needed scrubbing and someone else's dirty bathwater had been left in the family's bathroom when the family checked into their chalet at Southport Pontins
The result was a 10-minute spectacle of both dance and live music, a blend of Japan's traditional koto and the Philippines' kulintang, set against the backdrop of beats played by DJ Paolo Garcia and visuals from Nakano's 'Bathwater.' It was a seamless marriage of Filipino and Japanese elements fitting Nakano's cross-cultural vision.
He contends there is an unfortunate narrative that is gaining traction in South Africa generally and in the corporate world in particular, that BEE has been nothing but a "smoke-and-mirrors" initiative towards oligarchy, hence the chosen title: Black Economic Empowerment: 20 Years Later--The Baby and The Bathwater.
Dating to 1512 in Germany--the first known reference--and widely used in the United States since the 19th century, the saying refers to the old tradition of entire families having to take a bath using the same bathwater. As you can well imagine, the 16th century was a time when baths were a little hard to come by (and later on as well), and thus when a bath was procured, the entire family made sure to partake of it.
To summarize, I see the effect as bathwater and the cause as the baby:
This, he said, is throwing the baby out with the bathwater.
Vaginal entrapment of bathwater or other fluids of immersion has yet to be considered in the literature as a condition that may masquerade as urinary incontinence.
In an effort to eliminate advertising clutter, such as hand-painted window signs, the city overreached and threw the baby out with the bathwater."
Washington, July 18 (ANI): Scientists at the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC) have devised a way to quantify the fragrance allergens found in baby bathwater.
RACING ENTERPRISES LIMITED project manager Rod Street yesterday spoke of the need to move with the times if racing is to widen its appeal, without going as far as to "throw the baby out with the bathwater", writes Turia Tellwright.
Gamble (history, Hillsdale College) believes that in our determination to break away from elitist schooling, we have thrown the baby out with the bathwater. This compendium provides selections from classical and medieval philosophers, starting with Plato, through Seneca, Origen, Augustine, Aquinus, Petrarch, Erasmus, Luther, Zwingli, Calvin, Milton and Edmund Burke.
Wachtel (clinical psychology, CUNY) argues against throwing the baby out with the bathwater. He proposes the use of relational theory, a term that has yet to be firmly defined, due to its use in a number of disparate conditions.
To test for the effects of adult chemical signals that may induce settlement, and their specificity, bathwater solutions were prepared as described in detail by Tamburri et al.
There are times when one feels Durang is using the stage to vent his own therapeutic issues, especially actor's anxiety in "The Actor's Nightmare" and parental abuse in "Baby With the Bathwater," but for the most part he avoids soggy self-indulgence with blistering imagination.
In defending our freedom, it is important not to throw out the baby with the bathwater.