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bathtub gin

Any alcoholic drink that is made by an amateur at home or in makeshift conditions. Refers to the use of bathtubs in creating illegal alcohol (most often gin, hence the name) during the prohibition years in the US. This stuff is strong, but it tastes like bathtub gin!
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bathtub crank

Amphetamines that have been made by an amateur at home or in makeshift conditions. The name alludes to "bathtub gin," referring to the use of bathtubs in creating illegal alcohol (most often gin, hence the name) during the prohibition years in the US. Stay away from that bathtub crank, man, it's sure to mess you up!
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bathtub scum

A phrase applied to someone that one strongly dislikes. That guy's total bathtub scum—don't hang out with him.
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bathtub crank

n. homemade amphetamine. (From bathtub gin.) Somehow she got hold of some bathtub crank and had a really bad trip.
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bathtub scum

n. a totally despised person. (see also pond scum, shower scum. Also a term of address.) Look out, bathtub scum, outa my way!
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vertical bathtub

n. a men’s urinal. When I walked into the room with vertical bathtubs, I knew I was in the wrong place.
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Where adults are concerned, due care must be exercised not to take any medication, be it sleeping pills, anti-depressants or muscle relaxants before getting into a bathtub.
This could also be attributed to the fact that bathtubs are also rare in India and Pakistan and most people bathe in stand-in showers.
ANZZI[TM], offer one-of-a-kind high-end and luxury kitchen and bath faucets, shower systems, and bathtubs collections created by some of the most respected designers in the industry.
The slurry walls are still in place and the Bathtub houses the memorial museum.
A Plesiosaur Broke My Bathtub is a piece of junior fiction like nothing I've read before.
The Bathtub is an outsider community, subsisting on the wrong side of a levee erected on the mainland against the encroaching tides.
A review of the Integrated Management Information System (IMIS), a database for federal and state OSHA investigations, identified 12 methylene chloride--related deaths associated with professional bathtub refinishing operations during 2000-2011.
The Dubai International Jewellery Week saw the sale of the world's first gemstone bathtub, setting the region's largest
While priceless gemstones and dazzling jewellery collections continue to be top sellers at this year's Dubai International Jewellery Week, it was the sale of the world's first gemstone bathtub that had the show abuzz yesterday.
Fill the bathtub with warm water, add a small amount of liquid soap, and leave them to soak.
Bathtub is heated from the bottom by resistance heating elements with a settable range of bath temperature up to 600[degrees]C.
From the imprint page where we spy koala with his towel and numbat with his rubber duckie obviously heading for the bathtub it is obvious we are in for a frivolous romp of monumental proportions from this master storyteller.
A large double shower with rain shower et al is actually more attractive than a simple bathtub.
She pushes out a claw-foot bathtub and asks audience members to come up and inspect it.
I'm gonna have the best party--Jake's gonna play with Bad Shit, we're gonna have a ramp with PVC coping so that it breaks during the session, and I'm gonna have a bathtub on the deck.