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bathe in

1. Literally, to wash a person or thing in something. In this usage, a noun is used between "bathe" and "in." I have such fond memories of bathing my newborn daughter in our kitchen sink. If you burned your fingers, bathe them in cold water.
2. To cover with a substance, typically an intangible one (such as light). When we turned on our Christmas lights, our house was bathed in bright colors. I love laying on the beach and bathing in the sunlight.
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bathe someone or something in something

1. Lit. to cleanse someone or something in something; to coat someone or something all over with some liquid. (In a container of liquid or the liquid itself.) She bathed the baby in warm water. Liz bathed her injured hand in cold water. She bathed herself in the warm spring water and took a long nap under a tree.
2. Fig. to blanket or spread over someone or something, as with light, vapor, color, etc. The candles bathed her in a soft glow. The red of the sunset bathed the trees in an eerie light.
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bathe/bask in reflected ˈglory

get attention and fame not because of something you have done but through the success of somebody else connected to you: She wasn’t happy to bathe in the reflected glory of her daughter’s success, as she wanted to succeed on her own.
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