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bach (it)

To live by oneself, as an unwed man (or "bachelor") does. The phrase can be "bach it" or simply "bach." I used to bach it, until I met and married the love of my life.
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ba(t)ch (it)

tv. & in. to live alone like a bachelor. I tried to bach it for a while, but I got too lonely.
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* Achieving high early strength sooner, thanks to the new batching system's increased energy and accuracy.
The ACT MobilMat Mo4500 batching system has cut NPP's mix cycle time from 10 minutes to about five per batch.
"We're offering our DOT and P3 partners a new, higher level of batching consistency and accuracy with continuous moisture monitoring and correction," notes Fink.
Caption: The WCS Control System (above left) also allows for unattended, automatic batching or remote control from production floor or crane call stations.
An advantage to gain-in-weight batching is that the required scale capacity can generally be reduced with a proportional increase in scale resolution.
In a loss-in-weight batching system, the bulk bag discharger and often the entire conveyor/feeder is mounted on a scale.
An advantage to loss-in-weight batching is that multiple ingredients can be simultaneously discharged into the process, reducing batch creation time.
Also, the complexity of the batching routine required will affect the associated software and hardware requirements.
If your process requires batching accuracy better than [+ or -] 1 lb., gain-in-weight batching should be considered.
The next phase will provide for a sufficient storage capacity and batching system.
The pelletizing must guarantee a grain hardness which enables it to surpass stresses from conveying and batching, but must allow for compounding and easy dispersion in the batch.
* Batching - use of fluidized air-slides and specially designed weighing heads allows for fast, clean and precise batching.
All these devices are applied in order to guarantee the repeatability of all batching operations independently of climatic and environmental conditions.
It also provides for transfer to dally tanks and from these to the batching systems, one for each mixer, and to the eventual feeding tanks of the mixers dust stop rings.
This station serves as the operator interface for the batching side of the carousel.