batch it

bach (it)

To live by oneself, as an unwed man (or "bachelor") does. The phrase can be "bach it" or simply "bach." I used to bach it, until I met and married the love of my life.
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ba(t)ch (it)

tv. & in. to live alone like a bachelor. I tried to bach it for a while, but I got too lonely.
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In the cold calculating world of their youth strategy, if they get one superstar out of that batch it's worth it.
The offer seriously impressed earlier this year and with wines including Torres Vina Sol and Sangre de Toro, Wolf Blass Red Label, Jacob's Creek, Hardy's, Yellow Tail, a couple of Cavas and numerous Asda Extra Specials in the latest batch it's a good opportunity to stock up for Christmas.
On that note he added: "When you look back at some of the youngsters here who went on to bigger things - and when you consider what the gaffer's doing with this new batch it's like a production line.
If the new tracks are as good as the last batch it's something I'm really looking forward to.