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bach (it)

To live by oneself, as an unwed man (or "bachelor") does. The phrase can be "bach it" or simply "bach." I used to bach it, until I met and married the love of my life.
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ba(t)ch (it)

tv. & in. to live alone like a bachelor. I tried to bach it for a while, but I got too lonely.
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Janice Abel, principal consultant, ARC Advisory Group, said: "Industries using batch software management solutions are characterised by increasingly complex production processes, more multi-product lines and increasing numbers of recipes."
NPP built its new batch plant and aggregate storage system directly outside of the main production building from its old batch plant.
The 2D-ARMA model of a batch process with considering the influence of disturbance can be given by the following model [12]:
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Unlike stationary agitated mixing vessels that leave a residual "heel" of material after discharge, the rotating vessel and internal flights of the rotary mixer gently lift and direct the entire batch into the discharge spout for complete evacuation with no residual material or manual intervention, reducing or eliminating product degradation, facilitating rapid, thorough cleaning, and preventing batch-to-batch carry over of flavour.
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Talking about the second batch Khurram Zafar the Executive Director of LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship said There was a lot of IT focus in our first batch and I am pleased to see the startups and entrepreneurs are choosing to diversify into other sectors also.
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