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rat bastard

An extremely despicable, untrustworthy, immoral person. I took Charlie in because his sister begged me to help him out, but that rat bastard robbed me while I was sleeping! There's no way I'm trusting a rat bastard like that to run my company.
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n. a really wretched or despised person. (Rude and derogatory.) Stay away from Albert, he’s a real rat-bastard when he’s drunk.
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I mean, do you really believe that there has only been one Bastard to play for England?
Similarly, maintaining that her study 'will draw on texts from throughout the period whose bastards exhibit strikingly similar qualities in spite of the historical distance between their "conceptions"' (p.
Alan Titchmarsh is a man of the soil, literally, but there's far more metaphorical muck out there to worry about than his bastard trenches.
For the series "True Stories," Bastard hired writers she found on Craigs list to concoct tales from small, crummy, often broken objects she found in the street.
8220;Without the help of companies like Fat Bastard, we would not be able to continue to fight for this cause.
The deep golden color and lush, rounded palate caused Boudinaud to describe the wine as a "Fat Bastard," an affectionate term in Brit speak, no doubt taught to him by his cheeky partner Guy.
Stone has also released an "Oaked" version of their Arrogant Bastard Ale this month, which will only be available in three-liter bottles.
Tiger Bay and The Bench star Karin Diamond, 28, who plays both Serena and Ruth in the play, said Franco's Bastard had a bit of everything.
WRITER Kate Kray reveals today how she came face to face with the stark reality of what being a Hard Bastard is all about when she witnessed one of them going about his brutal work.
The Spanish legal system evidenced more flexibility than the English, where the general rule was born a bastard always a bastard.
A standard check of the woman indicated she was classified as a bastard since she was conceived as a result of a romance between her mother and another man.
Steal as many Nikes as you want, because they're a right bastard company.
Shoppers couldn't believe their eyes when the words Fat Bastard were daubed on a local off-licence.
When John yields his crown up to the Pope's legate, Shakespeare's Bastard roundly chastises him, for the one time in the play: